Throughout my career I led group training for many companies, including Google and Coca-Cola. I was a lecturer at Academy of Sport Education.

I’m a co-author of a workshop ‘Lumbosacral fascia, therapy andtraining’.

I’m a collaborator of Total Fitness and Zdrofit clubs and a Warsal Ballet School.

I regularly advance my skills through specialised advanced courses in physiotherapy and training.

Recently I took part in:

2019 Jakub Durczak – „Scoliosis through an eye of a osteopath”
2019 Dalia Woźnica – „Three-dimensional scoliosis correction”
2017 Erick Franklin – „Franklin Method Educator level 1”
2017 James Earls –  „Born to Walk”.
2016 Medical Pregmency – „Postnatal Trening”
2016 Bodywork – „Functional training: lower body parts and torso”
– „Functional training: higher body parts”
– „Functional training: spine and breathing”
2015 Erick Franklin – „Pelvic Power – Liberated Back”
2015 Eric Franklin – „Natural Breathing and Psoas – Beyond the Abdomials”
2015 Training Show Room – „Stability and mobility in sport training and injury prevention”

My certificates