My name is Magda Nocuń. When I was 12, I made my first career decision – to study physical education. In 2007 I received a physiotherapy degree from Katowice Academy of Physical Education, and in 2012 a physical education degree from the Warsaw Academy of Physical Education.

Academic knowledge gave me a solid foundation to further build upon. I’m passionate about movement and movement therapy. I’ve always been fascinated by a human body. I looked for ways to do body work that makes one feel better in their own skin, that removes movement blocks and helps to move effectively and with ease.


I was so lucky to meet and learn from many excellent physiotherapists, trainers and movement teachers.
I’ve learned various methods and techniques for body work: Pilates, Erick Franklin Method®, Feldenkreis Method® of Somatic Education, Fascial Fitness®, Tom Mayers Anatomy Trains model, TRE® and many other functional training methods. Each of these enable body work and show that our physical selves are intricately connected to our emotions. Body awareness is a starting point in physiotherapy, recreational exercises and sport training.

Movement is my true passion and movement therapy is my mission. Welcome to my world. A world of movement.